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AZPower User Updates

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Cox Communications, Meraki, and hotZona Wi-Fi re-introduce the first free, public Internet access network in the country – POWER – located at the Arizona State Legislature

POWER (Public Online Wireless Electronic Resource), created through a public/private partnership with hotZona LLC, and Cox Communications, allows all Arizona citizens wireless Internet access at the Legislature.  Wireless (WiFi) connectivity via POWER allows people to stay productive and connected on the go. Working without wires or phone jacks, people can access e-mail, do research on the Internet, and have full access to the legislature’s web site and hearing room schedules, bill text, amendments, and floor votes.

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Cox Business Services Commitment

Cox Business Services is proud to be providing bandwidth and Internet connectivity for POWER at the Arizona Legislature.  By partnering with the State Government of Arizona, we bring you the first public wireless Legislature. 

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How does POWER work?

The technology behind POWER marries the large bandwidth of Cox’s fiber optic network to the Internet with “hot spots” powered by hotZona LLC and Meraki.  These inconspicuous boxes located throughout the Legislative buildings provide wireless LAN service, creating a virtual network of Internet access.


Where can POWER be used?

The public may use the free Internet access from POWER in the hearing rooms of Arizona House of Representatives and Senate, as well as the hallways outside the hearing rooms, the upper lobby of the Senate and House galleries, and nearby courtyard areas.

Who can use the POWER network?

The public may use the Arizona POWER network. The POWER network is NOT intended to be a production network available 24/7/365. The POWER network can be turned off at any time for any reason.


What do I need to access POWER?

To access the POWER hotspot, your computer or smart phone must have either an internal 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g, 802.11N wireless PC card or integrated wireless LAN capability. Simply associate your device to the AZPower SSID: AZPower

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