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Who is hotZona?

About Us

Founded in 2002, hotZona is one of the first hotspot wireless providers in Arizona. Our primary focus is to provide affordable high-speed Internet access to a rapidly growing number of wireless enabled mobile users. It's estimated by IDC, that the number of wireless subscribers in the United States will increase at a compound annual growth rate of 73 percent. By 2005, wireless users will number over 84 million.

Proven Speedy Technology - Only the best equipment for you and us!

hotZona Networks utilizes commercial grade equipment that is 802.11(a, b, and g!) Wi-Fi compliant. This standard allows members to access hotZona hotspots as well as their home and office networks. The Wi-Fi standard speed, 11 Mbps, is significantly faster than dialup or wireless cell phone access. Expect to see up download speeds 50 times faster than dialup!

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