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What does it cost to use hotZona Wi-Fi?

hotZona strives to have the fastest, cheapest, and secure Wi-Fi network on the planet! Our rates can be found here: Rates and sign up.

How do I sign up or register for hotZona?

hotZona Networks registration can be found here: SIGN UP HERE, or visit one of our locations. You can easily signup online wirelessly.

How do I make changes to my account?

Make your changes here!

What computers does hotZona Networks support?

All of them! It's easier than you think to gain wireless Internet access. With your Wi-Fi enabled laptop, Apple iBook (with Airport card) or PDA you can access your e-mail, surf the web, play online streaming music or movies at any hotZona hotspot.

What hardware is required and what does it cost?

Many laptops already have Wi-Fi capability already built into them. For those laptops without Wi-Fi, it's easy to find and install cards that enable you to use hotZona. Prices are currently in the $30-$50 range and dropping weekly. Excellent brands include: Linksys, and D-link.  If you have any hardware question, please contact us at: SUPPORT

How can I offer high-speed Internet access at my cafe?

Check out our hotspot provider page, and give us a call. Once the broadband access has been established, hotZona Networks can have you up within an hour!

My POP/SMTP mail doesn't work at The News Cafe. Help!

Change your outbound SMTP server to smarthost.coxmail.com for that account. Your POP mail account should work fine without this change if your ISP supports Secure Password Authentication, SPA. Web e-mail based accounts work flawlessly without any changes.

Can I see the welcome pages again? Find them here:


Some of our welcome pages: Free welcome page, Cox Welcome Page, Arizona Legislature Page

Who is Airpath Wireless?

hotZona Networks partners with Airpath Networks for billing functions on our network. Our relationship with Airpath Wireless also provides roaming capabilities across their network of providers. Need access in more cities? Look here!

Google Search for hotZona Network?

Here it is!

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